~ Code of Ethics




Commitment to the Players


  1. Coaches shall put the welfare of their athletes above all else while maintaining professional relationships with them.
  2. Coaches shall encourage the athlete to exhibit sportsmanship at all times.
  3. Coaches shall follow the rules set forth by this league.
  4. Coaches will treat all players with dignity and respect at all times.
  5. Coaches need to understand that they are role models for their young players. They must project a proper role model image.
  6. Coach’s commitment to the player and the player’s commitment to the coach is an equal partnership.


Commitment to the League


  1. Coaches shall behave in such a way that they bring credit to their organization and to themselves, while playing home games, or out of town games.
  2. Coaches need to have and show professional behavior.
  3. Coaches shall act in full accordance with the South Dakota High School League Club Sport rules.


Commitment to Other Coaches


  1. All umpires and coaches shall be treated in a professional and respectable manner both on and off the field.
  2. Any displeasure with a coach or umpire’s action or conduct shall be addressed through the proper channels and not through the media or through public opinion.

Violation of Ethics


If a coach is ejected from a game he or she must leave the softball fields immediately or forfeit the game.


Any violation of Ethics before, during and after the game while at the complex will result in a minimum of ONE GAME suspension and/or the rest of the season depending on the disciplinary board’s decision.



Updated September 19, 2009


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